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Reduce Costs with Medigap in Sebring, FL

Though Medicare is a helpful way to pay for healthcare services, it unfortunately doesn’t cover all medical costs. Standard Medicare doesn’t cover things like copayments, co-insurance, and deductibles, leaving you to figure out how to pay for these portions on your own. Due to these gaps in coverage, many people choose to purchase supplemental insurance, also known as MediGap. Medicare and MediGap policies work together to cover your healthcare costs, with each paying their share. At JFPO Insurance, we can help you determine whether you need supplemental insurance in Sebring, FL to help you cover your costs. We’ll evaluate your needs and the costs of the plan before making a decision. Call us today to set up a time to discuss your options for supplemental insurance.

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We Offer Many Types of Supplemental Insurance

Even though private insurance companies provide MediGap policies, they are still regulated by federal and state laws. This means that each standardized MediGap policy must offer the same basic benefits, regardless of which insurance company is selling it. However, even though plans must provide the same basic benefits, many offer additional benefits. We’ll help you navigate your options and find the best policy for your unique needs. We offer all of the following supplemental insurance options in Sebring, FL:

  • Hearing Insurance
  • Medicare Disability
  • Hospital Indemnity

Providing Medicare & Insurance Education

At JFPO Insurance, our primary goal is to ensure you have all the information you need to make a decision about your insurance options. That’s why we not only sell insurance policies, but also provide education about the different types of Medicare and supplemental insurance available in Sebring, FL. If you’re nearing retirement age and are ready to secure healthcare coverage for this new phase of life, we’re here to help. Give us a call today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our insurance and Medicare expert.

Don’t Wipe Out Your Financial Future Due to an Uninformed Insurance Decision Today